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Visual Imagery pt. 4/4 - The Dark Arts Issue

“There’s a kebab in it for you if you buy now”


Hi All, so it’s been a good week so far. Couple of deals closed, Played Pinball, Pool and went out for an Italian. Had a steak tartar to start. God, it was good ! As the leaves in THB garden go into cardiac arrest, picking them up and bagging them becomes a harsh reality. No matter. It’s time to look forwards Friday nights spent sitting by the log fire with a good book and a glass or two of red. Talking of red, have a look under the Principles section ! Elsewhere in Tools of trade I found a gem, Likewise in Blow it all. Also, in Telesales jobs I found a great sales job site. Couple of sections left out for the next two weeks as I’m traveling shortly and don’t have the time. Enjoy. THB


  • News: No sales experience? no problem ! Women are the future of B2B

  • Learn: Visual Imagery pt. 4/4

  • Tools: headphones, voip, microphones, video tools etc

  • Telesales Jobs: This weeks runners and riders

  • Blow it all: Watches, Travel, Boats



“What are some amusing things to say to annoy unwanted telesales callers?”

Seeing Red. Could not resist the bait. THB had to answer ! 1min

Dunno… As a salesperson, I know what I would say to you, though!

If the call has started off with a really angry “I get these calls all the time” and “Let me guess, a client cancelled their order and you need to resell at a huge discount. Yes?”

Start by saying his or her first name, first. Why? Because it shows that you too are just as important and as high-ranking as them. IE A human being

I usually say, “You sound like you’re having a bad day already worse than mine, which is having to listen to people like you!

Tell you what, let’s compromise, and in return, I’ll give you two of my minutes if you give me two of yours, {first name}. OK? Wait for an answer. This approach works nearly ten times out of ten. Use a friendly tone.

Empathy is a powerful tool, and if you can inject some humour into the call with a degree of firmness, it will bear fruits. The last way to save the call is to acknowledge that the prospect is clearly miserable and in need of a Scotch and soda. “What address shall I send this to? Do you want peanuts with that!?”

If that does not work, then suggest a better time to call with an “either, or” option. “I can do Tuesday afternoon at 3.30 p.m. or Wednesday at 11 a.m., which works best?”

Ahhh… that makes me feel so much better !


Visual Imagery Pt. 4: Painting Dreams to Seal Deals on Phone or Video Calls 6 mins

In the realm of sales, the power of visual imagery is a potent psychological tool. When closing deals over the phone or through video calls, the ability to paint a vivid picture of the benefits a prospect will enjoy can be a game-changer. This technique taps into the prospect's emotions, aspirations, and desires, making your sales pitch deeply compelling. Today, we'll explore the concept of visual imagery in sales, the emotional impact it carries, and how to leverage it effectively.

The Art of Visual Imagery

Visual imagery is all about creating mental pictures in the minds of your prospects. Instead of just describing the features or advantages of your product or service, you transport them into a world where they can see, feel, and experience the benefits. This technique appeals to the prospect's imagination and emotions, making the sales pitch more engaging and persuasive.

Evoke emotions and desires.

Visual imagery is emotionally charged. When you create a picture of the benefits a prospect will enjoy, you're tapping into their deepest desires and aspirations. You're showing them not just what your product or service does but how it transforms their lives, making it more satisfying, convenient, or fulfilling.

Building a connection

By engaging a prospect's imagination and appealing to their emotions, you're also building a stronger connection. You're demonstrating that you understand their needs and that your solution isn't just a transaction; it's an opportunity to make their dreams a reality. This personal connection can significantly influence the decision-making process.

Effective Use of Visual Imagery

To employ visual imagery as a closing tactic, consider these strategies:

1. Storytelling: Share relatable stories that paint a picture of someone's life before and after using your product or service. These narratives help prospects envision the transformation.

2. Use descriptive language: Choose your words carefully. Instead of merely listing features, use descriptive language that conveys sensory experiences. For example, instead of saying "Our car has a spacious interior," say "Our car offers a plush, spacious interior where you can relax in comfort."

3. Focus on Outcomes: Shift the conversation from what your product or service is to what it enables your prospect to achieve. Instead of talking about the ingredients of a skincare product, paint a picture of radiant, glowing skin that boosts their confidence.

4. Use metaphors and analogies: Comparing your product or service to something the prospect is already familiar with can help them grasp its value more easily. "Our software is like having a personal assistant that streamlines your tasks" creates a vivid mental image.

5. Visual Aids: If possible, use visual aids during a video call to enhance your visual storytelling. Share images, diagrams, or videos that reinforce the benefits you're describing. Use only if helpful and does not distract from the pitch.

Timing is key.

The timing of introducing visual imagery is crucial. It's most effective when your prospect is actively engaged and open to considering your offer. At this point, you can smoothly transition into describing the benefits using visual imagery. The usage of words plays a very important part here.

Encourage Interaction.

During the conversation, encourage the prospect to interact with the visual imagery. Ask questions that prompt them to visualise themselves enjoying the benefits. For instance, "Can you picture how convenient it would be to have this feature in your daily routine?"

Follow-Up with Reinforcement

After you've painted a vivid picture of the benefits, follow up with additional information, resources, or testimonials that further reinforce the vision. This repetition can help solidify the emotional impact.

Visual imagery in video calls

Video calls offer an added dimension for using visual imagery effectively. Take advantage of facial expressions, body language, and screen sharing to create a more immersive experience. For example, you can share a presentation that visually illustrates the benefits or even give a virtual demonstration of your product.

The Ethical Use of Visual Imagery

While visual imagery is a potent sales tool, it should always be used ethically. The goal is not to manipulate but to genuinely help your prospect envision the benefits they will enjoy. You should always deliver on the promises you make and ensure that your product or service can fulfil the dreams you're painting.

To Finish Off

Visual imagery is a compelling technique for closing deals over the phone or during video calls. By using descriptive language, storytelling, and sensory details, you can engage your prospect's imagination and emotions, helping them see the benefits of your product or service more clearly. When used authentically and ethically, visual imagery can be a driving force in persuasive sales pitches, creating a profound emotional impact and increasing the likelihood of successful deal closures.


“Oh Gawd” , It’s Jabra again…this time with their Speak 2 75 speakerphone. I promise it’s not me ! Its them, I swear.

Telesales Jobs came across this outfit last week. Sales job listings from all over the world. A godsend for anyone in sales.

Blow it all

Corum Tides. If you’re into sailing this watch is a must. One of the best yachty watches out there. Comes in two colours too !

And, what better way to get into the swing of things with a stay at the Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo

Ah, you’re gonna need one of these as well. Riva 

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